Sit N Fit Chair Yoga
By Kristine Lee

Sit N Fit Chair Yoga brings Yoga class to you. Teaching you the simple keys to the life-improving benefits of Chair Yoga...

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Kristine Lee has been teaching yoga for two decades. She is certified in Hatha, Restorative, and Pre-Natal Yoga. Her experience includes yoga in corporations, medical facilities, educational institutions and communities. She is an entrepreneur in developing unique yoga posture sequences for various health challenges and her style appeals to students of all ages and fitness levels.

She is the author and program developer of Sit N Fit Chair Yoga, and the creator of Sit N Fit Relaxation and Basic Gentle Yoga audio CDs. In 2013 Florida Atlantic University received funding from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health for a two-year study on Sit N Fit Chair Yoga. The study showed Sit N Fit Chair Yoga significantly reduced pain, increased pain interference, improved gait speed and improved quality of life.

Kristine’s yoga programs are designed to increase energy, flexibility and lung capacity; improve balance, concentration, and body awareness; lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

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What people think about SIT N FIT YOGA?

Due to past experiences, I thought I was unable to physically do yoga. Kristine convinced me to try it again, and I’m so happy and grateful that she did. With her expert instruction, individualized techniques and extensive knowledge thankfully I was able to participate in all the benefits yoga has to offer. It’s amazing the difference it has made, with my agility, strength and ability to destress. Kristine is so wonderful and talented at giving the whole yoga experience.
November 2022
As a fit 83-year-old, I was intrigued by yoga but hesitant to try it. What a wonderful introduction to chair yoga this book is! The descriptions and photos of each exercise are perfectly clear and simple to follow. I'm eager to try every exercise, and incorporate them into my daily routine. I'm thrilled with this book. Many thanks, Ms. Lee!
February 2016
Kristine has always been one of my favorite teachers throughout my yoga journey. I’ve come to fully understand the importance of understanding how the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, brain and heart all work together in yoga. Our bodies are different every day and it’s important to be able to accept and understand this, not only to avoid injury but also because non-acceptance creates tension and negativity. Every class I’ve taken with Kristine was not only educational but completely unique and incredibly intentional. I feel completely safe and supported in Kristine’s presence and that is everything to me. Love and Gratitude,
November 2022