Sit N Fit Chair Yoga

About the Author

Kristine Lee, Author


Kristine Lee has been teaching yoga for two decades. She is certified in Hatha, Restorative, and Pre-Natal Yoga. Her experience includes yoga in corporations, medical facilities, educational institutions and communities. She is an entrepreneur in developing unique yoga posture sequences for various health challenges and her style appeals to students of all ages and fitness levels.

She is the author and program developer of Sit N Fit Chair Yoga, and the creator of Sit N Fit Relaxation and Basic Gentle Yoga audio CDs. In 2013 Florida Atlantic University received funding from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health for a two-year study on Sit N Fit Chair Yoga. The study showed Sit N Fit Chair Yoga significantly reduced pain, increased pain interference, improved gait speed and improved quality of life.

Kristine’s yoga programs are designed to increase energy, flexibility and lung capacity; improve balance, concentration, and body awareness; lower blood pressure and reduce stress. 


SIT N FIT CHAIR YOGA – Simple Chair Yoga – was created to give those who could not do standing exercise the full experience of a yoga class while sitting in a chair. A Florida Atlantic University (FAU) pilot study showed pain reduction, improved mobility, and improvement in sense of security and well-being. A second study with a larger group showed significant improvement in depression and life satisfaction. Data analyzed on adults with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s Disease showed significant improvement in balance, gait speed, walking ability as well as increased focus and concentration.