Sit N Fit Chair Yoga

Kristine is an insightful and nurturing instructor who teaches the science-based benefits of yoga poses for your body and your mind. With tranquility and patience, she conveys her knowledge of each new pose so that you can achieve them without injury while smoothly maintaining the connections between physical and mental mindfulness. I find that her authentic and informative classes provide me with just the right balance between being able to relax and enjoy my yoga practice while still becoming physically stronger with each session. The benefits of her teachings have also extended into my professional life where I use yogic poses and stretches to improve my circulation and posture while working at my desk. I even use yogic breathing to relieve stress and recharge before or after meetings. Everyone should have the pleasure of learning Yoga with Kristine Lee!
January 2023
Due to past experiences, I thought I was unable to physically do yoga. Kristine convinced me to try it again, and I’m so happy and grateful that she did. With her expert instruction, individualized techniques and extensive knowledge thankfully I was able to participate in all the benefits yoga has to offer. It’s amazing the difference it has made, with my agility, strength and ability to destress. Kristine is so wonderful and talented at giving the whole yoga experience.
November 2022
Kristine has always been one of my favorite teachers throughout my yoga journey. I’ve come to fully understand the importance of understanding how the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, brain and heart all work together in yoga. Our bodies are different every day and it’s important to be able to accept and understand this, not only to avoid injury but also because non-acceptance creates tension and negativity. Every class I’ve taken with Kristine was not only educational but completely unique and incredibly intentional. I feel completely safe and supported in Kristine’s presence and that is everything to me. Love and Gratitude,
November 2022
Doing Chair Yoga with Kristine has helped my foot neurophy. I move easier with less pain.
October 2022
I am learning so much doing Chair Yoga with Kristine. I can get up and down from a chair easier. I can walk farther, reach items easier, my posture is better and I move with more confidence.
October 2022
Finally, a book with clear photos, easy to read instructions, and beneficial results for daily living. I am very grateful for how this book has improved my life. Thank you Kristine Lee!!!
February 2016
As a fit 83-year-old, I was intrigued by yoga but hesitant to try it. What a wonderful introduction to chair yoga this book is! The descriptions and photos of each exercise are perfectly clear and simple to follow. I'm eager to try every exercise, and incorporate them into my daily routine. I'm thrilled with this book. Many thanks MS Lee!
February 2016
When I slid off my leather desk chair onto my ‘tush” on the tile floor I could have cried as I had not picked myself up from a floor without help in several years. (I am 88). I had had my share of 911 calls and was ready to call again for help. However I was able to wriggle to a carpet, roll over, get on my knees, brace myself on the bed and pick myself up. This occurred very quickly and almost without thought. Then, when I did think of it, I decided on only one reason. The attendance at my Yoga class had given me the strength to be able to turn myself over and get up. Even though this was a Chair Yoga program, I had strengthened many parts of my body, my arms, legs and back, through the exercises. I thought back through the past several months that I had attended this program, and realized that I had accomplished other physical events that proved the worth of this program. After I shower I needed help to wipe my feet, as I could not bend over to do that. This was the first thing I noticed that I was able to do as the class progressed and my back got stronger and I was able to do this without help. Putting on socks was a challenge for me. I have an appliance where you slip on the sock and then put your foot in to draw the sock over your foot. This, I have been using for several years. However, with the new strength in my back, I can bend over and start the stocks on my feet, squiggle them to my toes and bend over and pull them up over my ankle. These accomplishments to someone else would not be anything, but to me was the beginning of a new kind of independence since I had not been able to do these activities for a long time before I started the Sit N Fit Chair Yoga class. I shall ever be grateful for the opportunity to attend this class and hope that it will continue for many years and that I will be in attendance and continue to improve my physical structure.
January 2016
I am an Occupational Therapist and I use this book daily with my patients. And they all love it! The book is easy to keep with me and I can quickly glance through the book to find the best choices for each patient! I personally was never into yoga yet I am enjoying this more than my patients! It feels so good and is relaxing when I most need it; during a stressful, busy therapeutic day.
January 2016
Kristine's classes have kept the old lady going. I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years many of those with Kristine. I am 65 years old and my body doesn't feel like it. I am more flexible and active than I expected to be. I also feel more relaxed and at peace with myself following my practice. My yoga practice is essential. I need to do this for my mind and my body. Kristine's classes kept me coming back to my practice and saying this is for me.
I have been a yoga student with Kristine for almost 10 years, and her Gentle Yoga classes have been immensely helpful to me in improving flexibility and balance as well as reducing stress and restoring calm. When I was recovering from major surgery two years ago, I attribute part of my full and fast recovery to the abilities (both physical and mental) that I acquire through my yoga lessons. I especially appreciate the way Kristine modifies her instructions to match the various levels of experience and capability of her students.
I really look forward to Kristine’s yoga classes. They provide a respite for me in the middle of my hectic days and responsibilities. Entering the yoga room is like an oasis, a sanctuary….the best thing is that at the end of the class I can take that peace and calm to my interactions with others and to my work. I really appreciate her style and approach. It is challenging but flexible and gentle at the same time. I feel like I can see my own progress over time and that is so satisfying to me. She paces the class so nicely and varies it so that we never know what to expect and that keeps the practice alive and full of surprises.
Practicing Kristine’s yoga class has made a difference in my life. I find I feel more relaxed and less rushed. My body feels more at ease. Even though I walk, run, and lift weights at the gym, the gentle yoga that Kristine teaches moves the body in different ways that are beneficial. I am often surprised how difficult some movements are -- they may look easy, but they are a challenge. Somehow, more "traditional" exercise seems to "forget" certain parts of the body that require movement. With regular attendance in Kristine's yoga class, I find that I experience fewer aches and pains, and my body feels more flexible. The pain in my knee is rare now. My neck and shoulders feel less tense and more comfortable. In addition, there are psychological benefits. The breathing and meditation practice that Kristine teaches encourages me to make a conscious effort to "live in the present" and I feel more peaceful and serene. I seem to worry less.
Kristine is a wonderful yoga instructor! She has the unique ability to make you understand, from the inside out, what yoga is all about. Of all the yoga instructors I have experienced she has been the most effective in preparing your body for poses. She helps you strengthen the muscles you will need for the poses and relax the ones that you don’t need. I have learned so much from her and will be forever comparing any future instructors to her. Finding yoga and having Kristine as an instructor has been life changing for me. I have grown strong and more relaxed in all aspects of life with her guidance.
On days with Kristine’s yoga classes I am energized and better focused. I am also more relaxed and just plain feel better! I really appreciate her gentle and encouraging approach to teaching yoga.
Kristine’s yoga class has given me additional flexibility, strengthened my core, increased my balance, and lowered my stress. Specifically, I am able to complete and hold balance positions for much longer than I was able to six months ago, I have additional flexibility in my hips, shoulders, and back, and I have a stronger core. I also run, in addition to doing yoga, and my yoga practice with Kristine has improved my speed and distance in running. Kristine carefully tailors her classes to the abilities of her students, providing both easier and harder modifications so that students of all levels are able to participate fully in the course. An academic’s life is a life of long hours sitting at a computer. The availability of Kristine’s yoga on campus makes those hours much more bearable. I wish I could take yoga from Kristine every day.